Samuel Carrier

13 year old hockey player, Big habs fan
Hello! I am a hockey athlete and student. I want to become the best hockey player I can be, and I will do anything to get that!

June goals + New July goals

I completed my goals for June! Here they are.

  1. Have less then 2 hours of screen time at least 18 days in the month: Done
  2. Do not go more then 1 hour on social media (Instagram, YouTube...) at least 12 days: Done
  3. Complete the June shooting challenge: Done
  4. Do hockey specific visualization at least 3 times per week: Done
Now here are my new goals for July

  1.  Have junk food on only 8 days or less during the month.
  2.  Have 1,6 to 2L of water during the day on at least 20 days.
  3. Do not get over 2h hours of screen time 20 times.
  4. Do not drink 2 hours before you go to sleep everyday (some conditions apply if I'm super thirsty or something)
  5. Continue to do the daily analysis questions to improve my confidence on the ice.
If you have any tips be sure to comment it. I'm ready to crush July and I hope you are too 🔥💪🏒
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Hello, I am Samuel Carrier and I am 13 years old, turning 14. I live in a small town of 500 people in Ontario. My first language is French. I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old. I've always loved it. The first 4-5 years of my hockey career I played in my hometown with a small team. We we're never really good😂. I tried out for the Hearst traveling  team once but I did not make it. After that, I started getting more serious about hockey. I shot pucks almost everyday, stickhandled and gave it always my all in house league practice. The next year when came tryout time I was so determined to make the team but also stressed about not being picked. I made the team. That was two years ago and it was my first time playing A hockey. I was still very mentally weak though and I was a pretty average player on the team. After that year I really started training. Since then I have been training for a year and taking mental performance classes for about three months. At one point I wanted to have a real hockey training program and that's when, 2 months ago, I got the VIP skills accelerator. That has changed my life mentally and physically. Now I am improving a lot everyday! Thanks Coach Kevin and Coach Dan! This year, my big goal is to make the AA team in Hearst. My biggest hockey dream is too make the NHL. I will work hard to get there!
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Hockey performance notebook

I just wanted to share you guys a tip on how to make the most out of all the knowledge you acquire when you read hockey articles and listen to hockey podcasts and videos. So my performance hack is that every time you read or listen to a podcast or book or video you should write the most important parts in a ''hockey performance notebook'' so that in the future you can always go back to it. When weeks and months go by, you will have so much knowledge in that book!
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New Short term May goals

Since we are in a new month, I got some new goals! Here they are. Oh and also I did not write my process goals on here so keep that in mind. It would have been too long.

  1.  Improve in saucer passes - Yesterday I made 8 out of 30 saucer passes in my small net from 30 feet away. My goal is to do at least 15 at the end of May
  2. Rollerblade at least 4 times a week for at least 30 min.
  3. Shoot pucks at least 4 times a week for at least 30 min.
  4. Master the 4 main 1-one-1 moves (pull-back, between the legs, toe drag, 
  5. backhand toey) - I will film myself doing these 10 times each today and in a month I will film myself again to see if I see improvements
  6. I want to increase my shooting accuracy with snap shots - I want to have at least 13 out of 20 on my left top corner target and at least 11 out of 20 on my right top corner target
If you have any tips please comment it! I would really appreciate. 
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My goals for last April

So I completed all my short term goals for April!
Short term goals:
  • Harder shot- I measured the strength of my slapshot, wrist shot and snap shot in the beginning of April. Yesterday, when I measured again I improved by 5 km per hour on my slap shot, 2 km per hour on my wrist shot and 6 km per hour on my snap shot.
  • More consistent shot- At the beginning of the month I counted how many shots I could get on the top right target of my net and on the top left target of my net out of 20 shots. I improved by 3 shots on the right target and 2 on the left.
  • Increase ankle stability- I did the daily edgework routine everyday for the month of April (you should try it it really helps!)
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a night every night- done

What really helped me achieve my goals last month was making 5 or more tough process goals for each goal. The reason i had success is because I stuck to my process goals and I was consistent. The 14 day high performance mentorship also really helped me.
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Accountability goals for osy 21

I am on day 4 of the high performance hockey mentorship. Posting this will help me accomplish my goals and improve my motivation!

Here are my goals:

Sort term
- Get a harder and more consistent shot
- Improve ankle stability
- Get 8 hours of sleep every night
Long term
- Improve my mindset, confidence and overall hockey IQ
- Get faster and more explosive
- Make Regional express next season ( my local hockey AA team )
Please comment if you have any suggestions or tips to accomplish my goals!
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