Karsten Powsey

14 year old hockey player.
Hi, I'm 14 years old, I love playing out-door hockey with my friends.

8 weeks. how it went.

Ok, this is the first time i've failed on some of my goals, i did everything else 
accept for the no junk food which i actually only did 7 weeks, so that means 
punishment/negative incentive time! So the negative incentive for these goals was to do a murph, 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and then a mile run there's no rest set out but i have to do it under an hour and 15 mins, i was going to do this for my conditioning workout this week, but i'm 2 weeks out from tryouts and i want to follow my phase 7 schedule for the full 2 weeks. so i'll do it early next off-season, other than that i did very well with everything else and i've definitely created those things as habits. i'm kind of glad that i failed because that's the best way to learn.
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8 weeks

I know I haven't finished my June goals yet, and I'm not going to give those up. but I've decided to take things to a level I haven't been willing to go to yet, for at least 8 weeks without falling of track once. here's my goals for the next 8 weeks

  1.  absolutely NO junk food and NO cheat meals.

 2. Drink 65-70 oz. of water every day.

 3. Of screens at 7 pm and bed at 9 pm.

 4. keep a nutrition log, wright down everything I eat in a day

 5. I've been having pancakes for breakfast, but I need something higher in protein, so I'll have an omelet every morning instead.

If i think of any thing else i'll edit this and put it on here.

I'm going to take before and after pics too

Thanks coach Dan for giving me some extra motivation with your Fat lose phase. I'm not the kind of guy to be left in the dust, and the kind of guy that is always saying "Oh that will never be me"
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June goals

I've completed my may goals, and ready to take on some more!

Here's my june goals 

  1.  Practice figure 8s stickhandling every day. I really want to beat pavel barber's record for the infinite dangles challenge  ( here's the vid if you haven't seen it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vZJFDVVGk4 ) he got 25.5, my record right now is 24.
  2. I tend to not chew my food enough ending up in poor digestion, so i'm going to set i timer for 30-45 seconds to chew each bite depending on what it is i'm eating.
  3. Compete the june shooting challenge
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Hi, i'm Karsten Powsey. I'll be 14 may 19th. i live on manitoulin island ontario. i've been playing hockey for 4 years. what got me started? Well i lived in BC up until i was 10, when i was 9, my friend cohen started playing hockey, a bit after that our pond froze for a few weeks, so me and my other friend Kelton would go out to the pond from about 8-9 am until about 2-5 pm every day, and after the pond thawed i would go every monday to free-skate. that got me kick started. after that we moved to manitoulin, thats when i started playing hockey. my biggest win in the past year has been getting bigger and stronger. my number 1 goal is to play some sort of pro/competitive hockey.
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Short term goals completed + new short term goals.

I have completed my short term goals!

10 min stickhandling every day: completed 

Gain 5 pound of muscle: completed. here's proof it's lean muscle. I had my body composition today and my lean body weight( my weight if I had no fat) was 115lb last month and now its 120lb, my actual body weight was 130lb last month and now it's 135lb, and I was 11% body fat last month and now I'm 10% so I didn't gain any fat.

Follow the 2 hour rule: completed

Here's my new ones:

  1.  Do the Wim Hof method every day, It consists of a special breathing method and then a cold shower, every day you add 15 sec to your shower time (eg. day 1. 15 sec day 2. 30 sec ect.)
2. Do the morning and evening routines that coach Dan recommends.

3. Eat 3 meals a day and 2-4 healthy snacks a day. I was eating 4 meals a day for a while and i found it a struggle to get that 4th one in, and i was not eating snacks.

Edit: I just did my first cold shower and it was NOT NICE lol, but i feel 100 times better!
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Short+long term goals update

Here's some updates on my goals.

Short term:
  1.  do every phase1 workout with the best technique possible: COMPLETED.
  2. Follow the 2 hour rule: every day so far.
  3. Stickhandle 10 min every day: missed a few days but I always made up for it, not completed yet.
 Long term:
 1. Gain 5 pounds of muscle: 2 more pounds to go!
 2. Pull-up PR to 10: Increased current record to 6 reps ( Original record 5 )
 3. Push-up PR to 50: I haven't tested this, but during my workout today there was push-ups for as many reps as possible ( keep in mind my record for push-ups is 40, but for the workout today i was doing more than full rage of motion and squeezing my arms together to activate my pecs more, so it makes the reps a lot harder. but quality over quantity! ) so last week i did 20 reps on the first set and this week i did 23 reps on the first set, and also beat last weeks reps for the 2nd and 3rd set as well.

This is more progress than I made the whole of last of season, all in 3 weeks! 
Thanks so much for creating the high-performance mentorship course! it's really helped me.💪
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Accountability for April and osy21' goals.

Hey, i didn't know where to post this but i thought this was best.
i'm on day 4 of the High-performance mentoring and i need a accountability buddy for my goals,
I've got people for my obstacles and education already.

Short term goals (this month)

1. Do every phase 1 training session with the best technique possible.

2. Follow the two hour rule ( no screens within 2 hours of bed)

3. Stickhandle at least 10 min/day.

Long term goals ( this off-season)

1. Gain 5 pounds of muscle ( continuation of my 2021 goal)

2. Increase my pullup PR to 10 (current PR 5)

3. Increase my pushup PR to 50 (current PR 40)
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