Auston Barry

Someone working hard to not to be the best hockey player but the best hockey player I can be.

Things I do to keep motivated during a workout

1. Listen to pump up music to get you hyped
2. Hang a poster in your workout area of your favourite player or the player you model your game after so when you look up you can remember all the work they put in to get there.
3. Do the workout with a friend or family member so you don’t feel alone and you can keep each other motivated
4. Have someone watch you do the workout. Sometimes I have my dad watch me because I know I don’t want to skip reps or give up when someone is watching.
5. If those aren’t possible I text my friend before and after the workout because I know we have similar goals and by just texting him it reminds me to achieve those goals I have to work extra hard.
6. Keeping my goal of making a travel team in mind when doing the workout helps me push harder so I get the result I want. So keeping your end goals in mind could help

I hope you don’t mind me sharing these I just think that when I first started working out I struggled to find motivation during the actual workout and these things helped me.
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Hi, I’m Auston Barry. I’m 14 years old (turning 15 December 28). I live in Windsor, Ontario. I am currently in grade 9 and love school.

I have been playing house league hockey for the 7 or 8 years. I have tried out for the travel team a couple times but was never really serious about it. I have never been the standout hockey player that leads the teams to wins. I always wanted to be that player but I didn’t know how to. I played travel soccer for three but didn’t love it. Hockey has always been my number one sport. My favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens and the Windsor Spitfires. Almost a year ago, I came across hockey on YouTube. I started doing a workout every so often. I asked some questions to coach Dan and Kevin and they welcomed me with opened arms. I still wanted to get better, I tried to incorporate some YouTube workouts with jogging every morning in the summer. While I did see some improvements this past season, I wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t really workout or stick handle through the fall and winter due to business with school. When the youth off-season program came out, my dad bought it for me and I was so excited. I now have the right mindset and I am making improvements every single day. Since I got the program, I have never missed a workout and now I stick handle and try to take shots every single day.

My goal is to make the Windsor aa or a team this coming season but overall feel better about myself on the ice and off the ice. Below is a picture of me in case you don’t know what I look like. 

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Goals for phase 3

I know I just did my goals a little bit ago but I feel that those were more motivation goals rather than physical goals. After seeing some goals by other hockey players, I have made my own to achieve by the end of phase 3 which I will start after my deload next week.

-do 10 to 15 minutes of shooting at least 3 times a week
-increase my stick handling everyday to 15 minutes
-increase my muscle mass by 1.5-2 pounds. I am 5’7, I weigh 126 pounds with an 8.6% body fat. I am happy with my body fat. My fat free body weight is 115 so I would like to see that number go up by at least 2 pounds. I do have a question, is it possible to gain muscle by just doing the program or should I be eating special foods. I am not looking to gain weight, as I’m not fully skinny but I would like to gain muscle.
-complete the saucer pass challenge for the month of May
-always try my best on each workout and stick handling/shooting routine.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supports me and to coach Dan and Kevin who always answer my questions to help me to become a better hockey player. I will try to give an update midway through phase 3 (end of week 2).
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Long/short term goal

When I put a comment in an earlier post I wasn’t really sure what exactly goals are and what are the right ones for me. Now that I am almost three weeks into the youth off-season program, I can see more clearly what goals are supposed to be.

My short term goal:
-try to do stick handling every day even if it is only 5-10 minutes
-always do my best in the workouts
-perform every rep/set as if coach Dan or Kevin were standing right there
-for me not to compare nor try to be like someone else as a person and athlete
-never give up

My long term goal:
-finish the off-season program as a better person and hockey athlete
-to work everyday for the finish line
-to make the Windsor aa team in September

That last one under long term goals is the ultimate for me. I have never played travel hockey before and it would make me so proud to make the team so every workout I think of the end goal in mind (in the words of coach Dan). Thank you for allowing me to be able to share this because I feel that I will work harder to complete my goals knowing that I have shared them.
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Inspirational Quote

This is a quote that pushes me to do better and I feel it reflects the hockey training community.

Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. It's hard to stay on top.

- Paul Coffey
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