Wow hi!!! I'm in Tauranga! Kiwis represent! I didn't even know Wellington had a rink, I thought both the North Island rinks were in Auckland. Great news, awesome to see the growth of skating in New Zealand and sounds like you're picking everything up really quick if you're already playing games... pretty sure that's still a long way off for me!
ο»Ώ Coach Dan ο»ΏΒ any tips for dealing with winter? Every year it's the same for me, meal plan feels super easy and successful in summer, and then it starts getting colder and the very same plan feels impossible. I want to eat everything in sight and sleep until spring. I'm southern hemisphere so it's just getting cold now... except not even really cold at all by Canada standards. I already take a Vitamin D supplement.Β 
 Coach Kevin  Got all my sessions in weeks 1 & 2. Weeks 3 & 4 were more of a mess - still 4 sessions if you count the living room yoga, but not my planned sessions 😞
I'm in. Regular trainings due to where I'm at but aiming for All-Star.
#1 Did really well with my food in March.
#2 Challenge for April is to sort out my schedule, experiment with what works and find my new routine. Just got approval from the physio a couple of weeks back to get back on skates, so I'm back at trainings and the old schedule is out the window.
Week 1 is done! Bring on All-Star.