Hi! I’m Jas Cooper from Tauranga, New Zealand.
I started hockey... last month. Pretty much entirely because of HockeyTraining.com. I joined this website to train strength and conditioning for Roller Derby, which I’ve been playing for about 6 years. But all the hockey stuff looked really fun, and I have very poor coping skills when it comes to FOMO, so I joined the beginner/social hockey sessions being run by the local inline hockey club. So I’m still at the stage where I’m rewatching the video on how to hold the stick and trying to work out where I can buy second hand gear that doesn’t smell like it needs to be boiled in disinfectant for a week. But so much fun! The skating feels really similar so I’m pretty comfortable with most of the skating drills... and then the group stops for a water break, I adjust how I’m standing, forget there are no toe-stops on inline skates and faceplant the floor mid-conversation. It’s a special kind of hilarious. I also have to remember not to hit anyone.
In terms of Roller Derby, my biggest win this past year was taking home the trophy from Nationals as part of the rep team for my region.Β  The goal I am focused on right now is playing my first game of derby for the year at the end of this month after having to sit out for several months to rehab a knee injury. For myself, mentally, I need to prove to myself I can do this, but I also need my knee to hold together without issues or I’m likely to be referred for surgery. Long term my goal is to make the training squad for Team New Zealand and be considered for the next World Cup team. So training focus is long-term injury prevention along with speed/agility. I’m strong on strategic play and reading the opposition but need to up my speed and agility to solidify my game at the top level.

In terms of hockey, I would like to work out what’s going on and what I’m doing enough that I could maybe play a beginner game someday. Making it through an entire session without forgetting about the lack of toe-stops would also be nice.Β 
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