Martin Rönnklint

21 years old from Sweden. Professionall floorball player.


Any tips on Visualization?

The garner report

Is the garner report podcast on spotify? Cant seem to find it. 

Martin Rönnklint

Hey, do you have any tips for improving passnig/recievining passes that i can work on at home? 

Maybe a future video idea? 

Martin Rönnklint

This page is amazing, i know i keep saying it alot but i truly mean it. Thanks for design great programs/content to help me chasing my dream.

During the winterbreak i decided to really challenge myself.
I did your Performance Circuit A from phase 5 isd20 for 5 rounds + i added a finisher single leg burpee 20 sec skater bounds 20sec single leg burpee 20 sec and i did that for 3 rounds with 30 seconds rest.

I really wanted to challenge myself because i dont have team training for a few days and this one was a killer but i got through it.

You guys are amazing! 
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The app

How do i get acess to the hockey training app, do i have to pay for that aswell? 

Counting calories

How do you count calories? Do you have a app for it?