Martin Rönnklint

21 years old from Sweden. Professionall floorball player.

Get your work in!

Hard day today!

AM Workout: Strength & Power A (1 month to speed)
PM Workout: Conditiong (OSD 21 Phase 5) 

I find doing the 1MTS program to work best while im doing the off season with my team. I Alternate between A part and B part every week! Next week its B part :D 
I like doing double days on friday then take the weekend off. Next training session on Monday.

time to recover :) 
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Im changing everything to floorball, because i dont play hockey i play floorball. Floorball is on the most popular sports in sweden and its growing everyday, hopefully its in the olympics soon! 

  • How long have you played floorball? What got you started?
I started playing floorball when i was 7 years old. During our breaks at the school we always used to play floorball, every day. My classmates and i were very competitive and we competed all the time. We played all kinds of sports but floorball was one thing that we all stuck together with. 
So one of the parents decided to create a floorball team for us so we could play during the evenings/weekends aswell.
So we played floorball during brakes at school, went home, then went to the arena and played more floorball. 
We were dominating during our floorball journey as kids, we where one of the best teams in sweden. But today, unfortunately its just me that still is playing. 
Now im 22 years old i have offers from big clubs and im on my way to the very top in the floorball world.

  • What's been your biggest "win" this past year?
My biggest win this year has been my floorball achivments.
Last season i scored 1 goal and had 6 assist in 22 games.
This year i scored 17 goals and had 3 assist in 20 games, so alot of improvments have been made. I cant wait for next season.
Something that has carried with me is this qoute ''the harder you work during the offseason, the more fun you will have in the inseason''

  • What is your big floorball goal? What do you want to get out of your training? 
I want to be the best. 
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Any tips for off-ice shooting? (I know Kevin uploaded a video on youtube about)

Im just curious what you guys do for your shooting workouts, lets help motivate each other. I love this community! :D 
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