Rach Thorp

Play for Ice Bunny Brawlers
Hi from Wellington, New Zealand.Β  My name is Rachael Thorp and I’m new to both skating and hockey.Β  Six months ago we got a new rink in my hometown, before that I didn’t know ice hockey was an option in New Zealand. Β  I have an 11yr old daughter who wanted to have a go at figure skating so dragged me down to the rink.Β  I thought I’d give hockey a go and she is now learning to be a hockey goalie (and still does figure skating)!!Β  I’ve been learning to play at kids hockey (we don’t have separate lessons for adult beginners) and have joined the Bear League in the Ice Bunny Brawlers team.Β  My biggest win in the last year is getting two goals in league games and my big hockey goal for the year is to grow my skills enough to play in a tournament next year as a valued member of the team.
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