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Hey all, I decided to challenge myself during this crazy year and started playing hockey for the first time in my life. I have been a member of HockeyTraining.com for a few years, but never took the step to find a league. Itโ€™s changed my life!
My team made it to the championship game for our beginner (E League) division. I have played about half of our teams games (never played organized hockey before). Off-season program has helped tremendously! I have been leaning to skate and play at the same time, but feeling more confident every game.

Question - how can I improve my net-front presence? I am a big guy (6โ€™5โ€, 245 lbs) and want to use this to my advantage. We are a non-contact league. Any advice for me?
That's awesome you guys are doing so well! I love hearing that.ย  Coach Kevin ย would be the best guy to answer a question like this so I'll tag him in here ๐Ÿ’ช
Tim Oldeen ย - Use your body to screen shots when you can.ย  Practice getting your body in line with the puck and the goalie (many players stand too much off to the side to avoid getting hit with the puck and making it too easy for the goalie).

Don't be afraid to drive the net with the puck, and while your teammates are shooting.ย  With your size you should be able to win rebound battles.ย 
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